Well it is new years eve and it seems like the perfect time to review a few of my favourite wedding images from the year. I have enjoyed being a Wolverhampton and Stafford wedding photographer this year, and as ever I have been all over the country, but I am eagerly awaiting the 2016 season. I have some great new products, a totally new camera system and some amazing clients with equally amazing weddings. Anyway, here are some of my favourite images from 2015 (in no particular order) with a brief comment on each one.

Wedding portrait at Weston Park, Staffordshire

This portrait at Weston Park in Staffordshire is not your typical wedding photograph but I love the way the happiness and pride is so clearly viewed on the Groom’s nans face. All we can do as wedding photographers is capture emotion and this, for me, is a perfect example of this and shows a wedding is not just about the Bride and Groom.


Father of the Bride talking to the Groom after the wedding at Somerford Hall, Staffordshire - Wolverhampton and Stafford wedding photographer

This again is a picture full of emotion. This time we see the Father of the Bride talking to the Groom. The sheer joy and elation of the brides father has been captured as they talk directly after the wedding ceremony at Somerford Hall, Staffordshire.


Bride and Groom sigh the register at their wedding in York

This image shows the very poignant moment of the signing of the register in York. As a wedding photographer I am very aware how important it is to capture this moment as the Bride and Groom make everything official and capturing the actual signing makes for a much more powerful image than a posed shot of the couple looking into the camera. This is an image the couple will treasure and will take them back to that moment for many years to come.


Bride and Groom portrait at Somerford Hall, Staffordshire - Wolverhampton and Stafford wedding photographer

This is the first of only 4 portraits in my selection for 2015. While it is incredibly important to create some stunning portraits of the happy couple, I tend to prefer a more documentary approach as I feel it is a truer representation of a wedding. That being said, this image captures a lot of this wedding at Somerford hall. The fantastic setting comes together with the beautiful light and of cause the couples relaxed but loving?posture. I really like the composition of this image with the couple only taking up a quarter of the frame to give weight to their surroundings.


Evening portrait with sunset at Somerford Hall, Staffordshire

Another portrait from the same wedding as the last image but this time in the evening as the sun sets. This is always an amazing time to create some portraits. The light in this image shows of this part of the world to perfection, a beautiful couple always helps too.


Black and white wedding portrait in coventry

Another environmental portrait but this time in black and white. I love to show as much context to the couples location as I can. In this image a great landscape image is enhanced by the Bride and Groom giving it purpose and relevance to their wedding in Coventry. The tones in this image is what makes it for me, what might have appeared as less than ideal weather actually turns out to add a lot of mood and depth to the image.


Brides preparations before her wedding at Somerford hall.

This image captures the bride as she prepares for her journey to Church. While the Brides pose may be less conventional I think her expression tells you everything you need to know about how she was feeling at that moment. While it is unusual for me to crop an image with the subject in the centre of the frame, I feel the composition adds to the emotion of this image.


Bride getting ready at Weston Park in Stafford - Wolverhampton and Stafford wedding photographer

I love black and white images, I feel they convey emotion much better than colour and I especially love them when they are dark. This image, taken at Weston Hall in Stafford ticks all of those boxes. The Brides mother is helping the Bride with her final preparations, both of them totally oblivious of my presence a matter of feet away. It can be hard at weddings to be unseen but with a little skill it is possible and the results speak for themselves.


Bride and Grooms first dance as Bridesmaid straightens the dress at Alrewas Hayes, Staffordshire

When I first saw the Bridesmaid walk on to the dance floor I was taking some closer cropped emotion photographs, as soon as I realised what she was going to do, I quickly moved and changed lenses to capture the moment she began to straighten the Brides dress. I only had to wait a few seconds for her to move into the light before I captured this first dance image. I guess you could attribute this image to luck but being in the right place with one eye on what was happening outside of my cameras lens helped me capture this moment the Bride and Groom are going to treasure for a lifetime.


Father of the bride hugs his daughter on the dance floor at Alrewas Hayes, Burton on Trent - Wolverhampton and Stafford wedding photographer

This image is taken from the same wedding at Alrewas Hayes as the last image. I had seen the Bride and her father start to dance so all I had to do was move to the right location and wait for them to come into the light. Fortunately, just as they moved they embraced each other?changing this good image into a great one.


Brides reaction to her Grooms speech is priceless at their wedding at Pendrell Hall in Wolverhampton

Speeches are a very important part of a wedding but they are often the most challenging for a wedding photographer as it is often very difficult to get close enough to get a clear view of what is happening. It is so easy just to fire off a few photographs showing someone talking but I think it is so important to look for emotions and reactions. In this image at Pendrell Hall in Wolverhampton the Brides reaction to what her Groom is saying is priceless. I would have preferred to be able to see the fathers expression too but even without it this image is fantastic.


Bride and Groom portrait in the grounds of the Mount Hotel, Wolverhampton

Rounding out my selection of images from 2015 is this one from the grounds of the Mount Hotel in Wolverhampton. Again I try and show the environment but this image would be lesser if it were not for the fantastic light. Shooting in mid-day sun is very difficult but my prior ground work paid off, I positioned the couple in the shade of all of the trees and let the sun shine directly into the lens creating flare which I think adds an enormous amount of feeling to this image.

So there we have it, a brief look at some of my favourite images from 2015.

I hope everyone has a fantastic 2016, I cant wait…